• NovemberPresidents' Challenge

    The annual event which signifies the official start of The Boat Race season. The President of the Boat Club which lost the previous year will issue the traditional challenge to their opposing President.
  • DecemberTrial Eights

    Two eights from each Club take to the water for their only full attempt at The Boat Race Championships Course before Race day. This is a key event that helps the coaches select the final Blue Boats.
  • February - MarchClub Fixtures

    Each Club will take part in a series of races against domestic and international opposition on sections of The Boat Race course.
  • MarchCrew Announcement

    The day the Blue Boats are officially announced and weighed. In front of the media and guests each rower steps on the scales with their opposite number to determine crew averages and who will have the heavier boat.
  • 23 -28 MarchTideway Week

    The last week before the Race, when the squads will have moved to London to begin final preparations. Schedules typically include media outings, press commitments, fine-tuning the crew through short training sessions and relaxing ahead of Race day.
  • Sunday 29th March 2020The Boat Race 2020

    Watched by thousands along the banks of the Thames, between Putney and Mortlake in south west London, and by millions more on TV around the world, The Boat Race is a unique sporting event.