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Men's Trial Eights crews finalised

Men's Trial Eights crews finalised

12th Dec 2015

OUBC and CUBC crews have been finalised ahead of their Trial Eights races today at 12:45 and 14:00 respectively.

OUBC have named their crews 'Business' and 'Pleasure', taking on the Championship  Course at 12:45.  President Morgan Gerlak is in the 5 seat of Pleasure alongside returning Blue Jamie Cook.  Business has 2015 Blue Will Geffen at 7, surrounded by returning winning Isis oarsmen Nik Hazell at stroke and Joshua Bugajski at 6.  The coxes are Sam Collier in Pleasure, returning from Isis in 2015, opposite Olivia Cleary, who raced in Osiris in 2014. A late change saw Guy Arnold replace Rufus Stirling in Pleasure, who himself has replaced Tom Commins in Business - Tom Commins is no longer racing.

For CUBC who are racing at 14:00, the crews are named 'Fuerte' and 'Listo', meaning 'strong' and 'clever' in Spanish.  Fuerte features two-time Blue Luke Juckett at 7, with experienced international oarsman Lance Tredell at stroke.  Listo sees a returning CUBC Blue Boat stern pair, albeit in reverse order, with Ben Ruble stroking and Henry Hoffstot, President, at 7.  Cox of the 2014 and 2014 CUBC Blue Boats Ian Middleton will steer Fuerte, opposite Hugo Ramambason who returns from Goldie last year. 




Bow) Thomas McGregor

2) Charlie Thurston

3) David Grant

4) Rufus Stirling

5) Leo Carrington

6) Joshua Bugajski

7) Will Geffen

Stroke) Nik Hazell

Cox) Olivia Cleary


Bow) Dominic Parr

2) Guy Arnold

3) George McKirdy

4) James White

5) Morgan Gerlak

6) Ben McSweeney

7) Jamie Cook

Stroke) Jorgen Tveit

Cox) Sam Collier



Bow) Peter Carey

2) Patrick Elwood

3) Alister Taylor

4) Peter Rees

5) Charlie Fisher

6) Ali Abbasi

7) Luke Juckett

Stroke) Lance Tredell

Cox) Ian Middleton


Bow) Piers Kasas

2) Felix Newman

3) Sam Ringer

4) Joe Carroll

5) Clemens Auersperg

6) Vincent Bertram

7) Henry Hoffstot

Stroke) Ben Ruble

Cox) Hugo Ramambason

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