The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs have confirmed their fixtures ahead of The Gemini Boat Race 2023.

Each season, the four coaches of the Oxford and Cambridge squads invite other teams to race their ‘A’ and ‘B’ line ups. These races provide vital experience and preparation for the crews.

Coaches look for every opportunity to test crew performance and these races are a key part of the selection process. Every student athlete will be looking for a chance to make an impression.

The 2023 fixtures have attracted some of the best teams in the world to race Oxford and Cambridge; Leander, Oxford Brookes, Imperial College, University of London, Thames, Molesey and the Dutch National Team.

This season promises to deliver some of the most exciting racing ever seen between The Boat Race squads and top performing crews from around the world.

Fixtures are subject to change. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our livestream of fixtures on 5 February and 12 March.

Sunday 22 January

Cambridge Women v Oxford Brookes ‘A’
‘Blondie’ v Oxford Brookes ‘B’

Crew Lists
Race Report

Saturday 4 February (Club Fixture)

11:15 Oxford Women’s ‘Blue Boat’ v Molesey Women’s ‘A’
Umpire: Matt Smith

11:30 ‘Osiris’ v Molesey Boat Club Women’s ‘B’
Umpire: Katherine Finucane

11:45 ‘Isis’ v Molesey Men’s ‘B’
Umpire: John Garrett

12:00 Oxford Men’s ‘Blue Boat’ v Molesey Men’s ‘A’
Umpire: Ciarán Hayes

Race Report

Sunday 5 February – Live on YouTube

Schedule and Race Details
Crew Lists

11:20 ‘Isis’ v Imperial (will not be livestreamed)
Umpire: TBC

12:00 Cambridge Women v University of London (livestreamed in full)
Umpire: Matt Smith

12:20 ‘Blondie’ v University of London (partially livestreamed)
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

12:45 ‘Goldie’ v University of London (partially livestreamed)
Umpire: Clare Harvey

13:10 Cambridge Men v Dutch National Team (livestreamed in full)
Umpire: Antony Reynolds

CUBC Men v Dutch – Tom Ransley’s Race Report
CUBC Women v University of London ‘A’ Race Report

Sunday 12th Feb (Club Fixture)

15:45 Oxford Women’s ‘Blue Boat’ v Thames ‘A’
Umpire: John Garrett

16:05 ‘Osiris’ v Thames’B’
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

Sunday 19 February (Official Fixture)

11:00 Cambridge Women v Thames’A’
Umpire: Matt Pinsent

11:15 Cambridge ‘Blondie’ v Thames ‘B’
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

11:45 ‘Goldie’ v Leander
Umpire: Sarah Winkless

12:00 Cambridge Men v Leander
Umpire: Antony Reynolds

Crew Lists & Results

Saturday 25 February (Official Fixture)

15:40 ‘Isis’ v Oxford Brookes ‘B’
Umpire: Clare Harvey

16:00 Oxford Men’s ‘Blue Boat’ v Oxford Brookes ‘A’
Umpire: Antony Reynolds

Sunday 26 February (Official Fixture)

16:05 Oxford Women’s ‘Blue Boat’ v Leander
Umpire: Matt Pinsent

16:20 ‘Osiris’ v Leander
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

Sunday 5 March (Club Fixture)

11:45 ‘Goldie’ v Oxford Brookes ‘B”
Umpire: Clare Harvey

12:00 Cambridge Men v Oxford Brookes ‘A’ Umpire: Ciarán Hayes

Monday 6 March

Crew Announcement

Sunday 12 March – Live on YouTube

14:20 Oxford Women’s Blue Boat v Oxford Brookes ‘A’
Umpires: Matt Smith & Sarah Langslow

14:40 Blondie v Leander ‘B’
Umpire: Judith Packer

15:00 Osiris v Oxford Brookes ‘B’
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

15:20 Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat v Leander ‘A’
Umpire: Matt Smith

15:35 Isis v Leander ‘B’
Umpire: Clare Harvey

15:50 Oxford Men’s Blue Boat v Leander ‘A’
Umpire: Sarah Winkless

Saturday 25 March

Women’s Vets Race
Men’s Vets Race

Sunday 26th March

16:00 77th Women’s Boat Race
16:15 51st Women’s Reserve Race – Osiris v Blondie
16:30 58th Men’s Reserve Race Isis v Goldie
17:00 168th Men’s Boat Race