Warrington Youth Rowing hosted the 2024 Indoor Championships on Wednesday, January 26th. The scene was set at Birchwood Community High School, where over 400 young athletes from 34 schools, accompanied by 50 dedicated volunteers, converged for a day of fierce competition.

The indoor rowing event offered the students who take part in the Warrington Youth Rowing programme to compete for their school in individual and relay races. For many of the competitors, it will have been the first time they had the opportunity to represent their school. Each athlete had the chance to compete in an individual race and a relay race. The Year 8 individual race was 3 minutes long and the year 9 one was 4 minutes long. The relay race was 8 minutes and for teams of up to 4 athletes.

The day was full of energy, and personal bests! With excellent feedback from both students and teachers alike. Gold, silver and bronze medals were presented to the overall winners of each event on the day, and we have also presented medals to the regional winners.

Mrs R Ince from Knutsford Academy and Cheshire Studio School said,

“I feel privileged to have attended the Indoor Youth Rowing Competition 2024 and to have taken twenty fantastic students to compete. The nerves are evident from all the students but with lots of reassurance from staff its good to see them going through a thorough warm-up to prepare themselves. The atmosphere in the room is amazing and every student is ready to give everything.

The nerves settle quickly once into the competition and the determination on faces grow. Some have gone too hard too quickly but with the encouragement of the many volunteers everyone finishes their race. The relief of finishing and the excitement of personal bests is evident. There are tears of joy and tears of exhaustion but what is evident are the smiles on faces of both students and staff.

As a teacher the best part of the day is telling each student how utterly proud of them I am, that they have done an amazing job, that they are different person from who they were in September when they started the programme and to how proud they should be of themselves because they gave everything!”

The fastest twelve year 8 girls and fastest twelve year 8 boys also qualified to compete at National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition delivered by London Youth Rowing in London on 1st March! For many of these young people, it’ll be the first time they will have been to a major competition outside their local area. The opportunity to compete at a national level is not to be missed.

Warrington Youth Rowing is already planning their next competition, the Schools Regatta which will take place on Wednesday 26th June over 300m on the River Mersey at Warrington Rowing Club.

Congratulations to everyone taking part and best of luck from everyone here at The Boat Race with preparations for the competition in London in March and in June!